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Testosterone Levels in Men By Age

Testosterone Levels in Men By Age




The amounts and levels of testosterone in individuals have, especially in men, tends to vary based on their age. However, it is essential to take note that age is not the only factor that affects these levels. Other important factors, like health and sex, also play a significant role.




Testosterone is a critical hormone in men, which tends to fall as they get older. The decline of this hormone tends to begin decreasing as they hit 30 years of age. In males, testosterone produced by the testes. There are key reasons as to why this hormone is considered to be essential in a man’s body. This hormone is necessary for the following:

  • Sperm Creation

  • Mood

  • Sex drive

  • Hair growth

  • Energy

  • Development and growth during puberty

  • Cognitive functions

  • Strengthening of the bones and the muscles


The body itself naturally controls the various levels of testosterone. Having lower levels of testosterone is more common compared to having higher levels. This article aims to help you understand the different testosterone levels in men as they age.


What are the normal levels of testosterone in men?


In the medical community, there are still a lot of disagreements as to what is considered to be ‘normal’ levels of testosterone in men. Even though there isn’t a clear answer on the levels, the ranges given by different medical labs tend to vary. However, many of these medical experts have accepted that the testosterone readings that come from blood tests tend to fall between a range of 300ng/dl to 1050ng/dl.


However, it is still essential to take note that this does not mean to say that an individual with lab results of 300 ng/dl does not suffer from low levels of testosterone. Other crucial factors need to put into consideration before any determinations or diagnosis is given.


Because of the above, it is often advisable that one seeks treatment from a certified specialist in hormone replacement. This specialist is in a position to do so much more than settling on the numbers given by the blood test. This specialist is going to carefully assess you entirely as an individual since every case is unique.


For the male body to be able to perform many of its functions, it is vital that the optimal level of testosterone is maintained.


When a man suffers from low testosterone, they may experience the following:

  • Fragile skin

  • Hair loss which includes the face and the body

  • Low sex drive

  • Irritable Mood

  • Muscle tone reduction

  • Concentration and memory problems


So, what are testosterone levels of men by age on average?


One of the main concerns that specialists working on hormone replacement have to deal with is that men who are said to have lower levels of testosterone may be dealing with more severe effects. Because many doctors tend to look at the ‘normal’ range, these individuals end up not getting the right diagnosing. Without the proper diagnosis, this means that they are not going to get the right treatment.


For testosterone deficiency to be treated correctly, the right medication has to be prescribed. Because of this, as mentioned above, these specialists will look past the blood results. As much as blood tests are essential, other factors like physical examination, the current symptomology of the patient and how critical the condition is, will also be put into consideration.


All the above are vital, especially when a diagnosis is given and for a proper treatment plan to be prescribed.


Levels of testosterone in men by age


Below is a breakdown of the testosterone levels of men of different ages.


  • Levels of testosterone in men who are over 30 years

Free: 8.7-25.1 plcogram/milliliter

Total: 219-1009 ng/dL and Normal 600-675 ng/dl


  • Levels of testosterone in men who are over 40 years

Free: 6.8-21.5 picogram/milliliter

Total: 201-993 ng/dL and Normal 500-550 ng/dl


  • Levels of testosterone in men who are over 50 years

Free: 7.2-24.0 picogram/milliliter

Total: 170-918 ng/dL and Normal 400-450 ng/dl


  • Levels of testosterone in men who are 60 years and above

Free: 6.6-18.1 picogram/milliliter

Total: 156-700 ng/dL and Normal 300-350 ng/dl


From the above breakdown, it is clear to see that there is a huge impact on how a man looks, feels, and thinks based on their age. The average levels listed above are the guidelines that specialists tend to look at as they assess a given individual.


According to studies that have been carried out, the results show that men who are above age sixty tend to have testosterone levels that are below 241. This finding could be an explanation as to why men who fall under this category experience many changes.


Total testosterone level test


This is a crucial blood test done to know your testosterone levels. It is advisable to have the test done in the morning since your testosterone levels in your blood is usually high at this time. However, it is essential to note that these levels tend to vary significantly throughout the day. There are those individuals who may need to have the test done again.




For men to ensure that their levels always remain in balance, it is advised that they monitor their levels every five years. This monitoring should start once a man hits 35 years of age. If it is found that the testosterone levels are just too low or the individual in question is experiencing symptoms of low T, then the proper therapy is going to be prescribed.


Once the therapy begins, it is still important to keep on monitoring to ensure that the levels do not go too high. Finding the right balance of your testosterone is not impossible. With the right doctor or specialist, the only thing that you need to do is have the willingness that is required. If you are willing, your levels will be keenly checked way before any therapy is initiated or started.





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