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6-7 days
Anabolic steroid
Men 300-600 mg/week
Active Substance
10 ml x 250 mg/ml



  • Chemical name: (17β)-3-Oxoestr-4-en-17-yl decanoate
  • Formula: C28H44O3
  • Anabolic activity index: 125%
  • Androgenic activity index: 37%





Nandrobolin 250 Alpha Pharma (Nandrolone Decanoate) is one of the most popular anabolic steroid in the world due to its good features. By its structure nandrolon is similar to testosterone and the only difference is the lack of carbon in position 19 and due to this it is called 19nortestosterone. This change makes the preparation much less androgenic when compared to testosterone.

Also this change plays its role in side effects. If you remember, testosterone is converted to dehydrotestosterone which causes skin greasiness, acne; on the other side nandrolon is converted to dehydronandrolon, very inactive metabolit, that is why androgenic side effects will practically not disturb you during the use of Nandrobolin 250. Also nandrolon is weakly converted to estrogens (estradiol) which also gives minimum estrogen side effects. Antiestrogens are necessary only for sensitive people. At large dosages you may add Proviron or Nolvadex. Obviously, nandrolone decanoate is an excellent steroid when side and main effects are considered. It is used even for AIDS patients for immune system support.

However, we should note that Nandrolone has some progestogenic activity due to the same change in position 19 and thanks to that Nandrobolin 250 is converted to 19-norprogesteron in some amounts in the organism, but it may cause definite damage like progestogenic gynecomastia and decrease of own testosterone production due to disorder of the reverse estrogen relation. Nandrobolin 250 gives excellent gain of muscular mass although not extreme one. Moderate features of this preparation let use it for long courses of 8-12 weeks. Dosage for males is 200-600 mg per week or 2 mg for every pound of weight. Also Nandrobolin 250 is very popular among the female bodybuilders who use it in the dosages of 50 mg per week. Virilization cases are possible due to some androgenic features of this preparation.

As it was mentioned, Nandrobolin 250 suppresses secretion of own testosterone. That is why it is reasonable to use Clomidnolvadex and gonadotrophine at the end of the course with the dose of 2500-5000 units every 5 days (at average, 3 injections are required). The main disadvantage of Nandrolone decanoate is its long “glow” while doping-test (for more than a year). This happens due to accumulation of Nandrobolin 250 in fat tissues (just like boldenone undesilinant, parabolan, primobolan). At the other hand, Nandrolone prohormones may be used. In this case, detection period during the doping-test is decreased twice. Those who are not afraid of doping-test may use Nandrolone decanoate during preparations to the competitions. Nandrobolin 250 + winstrol during some months may essentially increase the musculature keeping its relief. For even more observable toughness and stiffness Nandrobolin 250 with halotestine or trenbolon may be used. The most classical combination for mass is Nandrobolin 250 + methandienone. In case you need extreme mass you may need combination with nandrolone oxymethalone or ethers of testosterone although in this case quite strong after-course therapy may be required.

Nandrolone D is a classical steroid. Represents a synthetic derivative of testosterone with weakened androgenic and strengthened anabolic effect. Anabolic effect consists in activation of reparative processes in bone and muscular tissues due to protein synthesis stimulation. Increases absorption of aminoacids from small intestine creating positive nitrogen balance.

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