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Summer Cutting Cycle

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aprox 65 hours
50-150 mg/day
50 tabs x 50 mg / bag





50 tabs x 50 mg (oxandrolone 30mg + stanozolol 20mg) | bag


Disclaimer: due manufacturing supply shortages, tablets can be colored or can be white only. This doesn’t indicate that tablets aren’t genuine or the active substance inside is not the ordered one.

The Ultimate Summer cutting ORAL BEND 30mg Var + 20mg Stano V2
The ULTIMATE oral combination NOW in a oral compound singular pressed tablet dosed at 25/25mg..Winstrol & Anavar that is usually taken independently ..Just got reinvented and overhauled!
The original formula was dosed at 10mgs each on Var and Winny as single tabs.. Now this ABSOLUTE mega compound is dosed even "HIGHER' at a whopping 25/25mg ratio "blended and pressed as one"..
With this combo it still posses amazing collagen and elastin synthesis properties "fibrous glycoprotein" which is found in connective tissue as the original formal, but just at a great output and more convenient dosage..
Do you experience joint related issues with Stanazolol? Do old nagging injuries resurface? The blended oral compound with added Anavar will simply combat that!
Your goal with attempting achieve a HARDER, LEANER and more VASCULAR look all while increasing strength and performance has just got better and make easier..
Winstrol will lower SHBG (anti-estrogen like effects yielding a dryer looking physique) hindering estrogen circulation and freeing BOUND TEST to FREE TEST with a synergistic interaction
and cooperation with ANAVAR targeting adipose tissue (Fat loss)...

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