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Trenbolone 100

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1-1.5 days
Anabolic steroid
Men 200-700 mg/week
Active Substance
10 ml x 100 mg/ml



  • Chemical name: (17β)-3-Oxoestra-4,9,11-trien-17-yl acetate
  • Formula: C20H24O3
  • Anabolic activity index: 500%
  • Androgenic activity index: 500%





Trenbolone 100 – an injectable anabolic steroid that has gained popularity among the experienced bodybuilders and powerlifters as an effective means to maximize the growth of muscle mass and prepare for the upcoming competitions.

Trenbolone 100 is a powerful anabolic agent from the manufacturer Dragon Pharma. Trenbolone Acetate is the main active ingredient of the drug, a derivative of Trenbolone, which in the past was used for the growth of muscle mass and appetite in cattle. In order to extend the life period of Trenbolone, such anabolics are not used by pharmacologists in its original form.

Trenbolone has highly anabolic and androgenic activity). Such a powerful anabolic steroid effect is caused by affinity to the androgen receptor (Trenbolone is 4-5 times greater than the Testosterone‘s ability to bind).

Trenbolone 100 Effects

  •     muscle growth (on average, up to 10 kg after the 6-8 week cycle);
  •     an increase in power rates;
  •     effect on potency and libido (observed effects of increasing and decreasing, depending on the characteristics of the body’s perception to steroid);
  •     significant increase in insulin-like growth factor (around 200%);
  •     a decrease in the body’s cortisol levels;
  •     stimulation of growth hormone release;
  •     fat-burning effect.


Due to the high androgenic steroid activity, uncontrolled increase in dosage also lead to some side effects: high blood pressure, hair loss, acne and greasy skin, irritation, insomnia, etc. But when properly compiled cycle, the likelihood of sides is minimized.

How to Use Trenbolone 100: Dosage, Cycle, PCT

  •     Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This steroid should be used at 50 mg per day (or 100 mg every other day).
  •     During the first few days of the cycle, take the minimum dose to check personal tolerance on anabolic effects.
  •     Buy Gonadotropins (500-1000IU on a weekly basis), if the duration of the cycle is designed for more than 5-6 weeks.
  •     Start PCT in 2-3 days after a final injection time (use Clomid or Toremifene).
  •     Take a testosterone booster within 3-4 weeks from the last week of the cycle.
  •     In order to support natural testosterone levels in the body, take Testosterone (in small doses up to 250 mg per week).
  •     Follow the diet for gaining muscle mass, for greater efficiency rate.


Note for competing athletes: in spite of the short half-life (1 day), anabolic discovery time in the body is up to 5 months. Women should take this powerful androgen, not recommended even in minimal doses.

Trenbolone 100 Combination Cycles

For standard cycle on muscle gain, the drug is often taken independently by virtue of sufficient effectiveness. During the period of drying, together with Trenbolone 100 is recommended buy Anavar or Winstrol, using only half of the dosage of anabolic steroids for 6-8 weeks (without anti-estrogens). Quite popular combination is the combination with Stanozolol or Boldenone. As a result, the athlete gets a significant increase in the volume of dry muscle.

There are also professional cycles that are not recommended for beginners to experience. For example, one can buy Testosterone Enanthate (250 mg weekly) for 10-15 weeks. Such combinations are used by experienced bodybuilders to maximize muscle mass during preparation for competitions.

Ephedrine and Clenbuterol combined with Trenbolone is not recommended.

Trenbolone 100 Reviews

Trenbolone 100 reviews of the most popular and effective form of a well-known steroid (based on statistical data, 50% of the interviewed athletes prefer it instead the rest of trenbolone esters). Regarding the results, left on Trenbolone 100 cycle reviews, show that nearly 100% confirm that this is the solution of achieving the desired quality muscle mass and severity of the effect after the cycle (92% positive ratings).

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only.

Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase
Overall great product and great customer service. Dont believe the negative reviews because there bullshit. I live on east coast of usa and never had an issue with delivery nor customer service. Steroidify is a trustworthy company. Just be patient with your delivery as it may take 3 to 5 weeks all depending on if there are holidays like chinese new year so if you need product asap be sure to see when there is a holiday as it may take a bit longer to recieve. Steroidify is my source for life.
Verified Purchase
Tren is clean and strong. No issues and quick to kick in.
Verified Purchase
I had doubts about placing an online order and paying through bitcoin, so I only bought Tren 100. Item delivered to the U.S. 17 days after payment. Discrete and secure package. Will be placing full orders for a full cycle with those guys soon. They are absolutely legit, they delivered. Though I didn’t try the tren but according to the reviews it works great.
Verified Purchase
Hey this was part of my first order and I am very happy with the prices, service and shipping speed. 4 weeks now into the cycle and the product is 100% legit and high quality. You get what you pay for!
Verified Purchase
Came on time very easy...just waiting on my other order now
Verified Purchase
Ok, I just felt like I had to put up a follow up review to praise this tren. 2 weeks in on a clean bulk at 400mg/week and I’m up 10 pounds, strength and endurance are through the roof, and I’ve managed to stay pretty lean and defined even with 2 cheat meals a week, just by doing mild cardio EOD. Best of all, I’ve experienced 0 side effects aside from heightened aggression in the gym, which is a plus, and the expected constipation if I haven’t been drinking enough water on a given day. But other than that, no tren cough, no sweats, no insomnia, and the PIP is surprisingly mild and short lasting. HANDS DOWN BEST SHIT IVE EVER TAKEN. and 8 weeks to go!!! Will recommend 100/100 times!
Verified Purchase
Great gear started at 30 mg a week moved up gradually to 45 by the end of eight week cycle huge difference in body fat strength and size totally body recomp as far as fat percentage. 30 mags works good but huge difference in size and strength at 40 to 50 msg a day if u cans handle it . Little pointer if you run it in smaller doses everyday instead of larger every other day your levels don’t spike and drop the stay the same until you up the daily dose I feel every day injections work way better then every other day in terms of half life blood levels and strength extra and it also subdues sides . Taking it your not running over 50 A day .
Verified Purchase
Let me start off by saying that I was very upset the order took 39 days to arrive.. and also skeptical that it was coming from China... that being said, HOLY SHIT GUYS, THIS IS THE REAL FCKN DEAL!!! Literally only 2 days in and I’m already looking bigger, feeling tighter, and my endurance and intensity are significantly heightened. Can’t wait for the coming weeks! <3
Verified Purchase
would def buy again stuff is legit
Verified Purchase
Second order, took exactly 3 weeks. Cannot say enough about these guys, even added a free bottle of Prop 100 to say thanks for repeat biz. I will never use another company, thanks again PSC!
Rating: BAD
Verified Purchase
Normal delivery time with excellent communication throughout the process. Good sweat but, no normal Tren caugh? Will see if I have some lean gains.
Verified Purchase
Arrivé après 3 semaine une première pour moi la douleur post injection est quand meme presente au dela de ca très bon produit.
Rating: GOOD
Verified Purchase
Worked very well with strength and cutting belly fat. I’m five weeks in taking 40mg a day low sides decent results legit product
Verified Purchase
I was a intermediate bodybuilder before I started using trenbolone 100 with my cycle. I was looking for a more dryer appearance for the summer months and wanted to maintain throughout the fall as well. I started the first four weeks of my eight week cycle on with just test and deca but noticed too much water retention. The last four weeks was test and tren and this made a huge difference in my physique. Again, I have never tried this cycle before but with the change in my competition I will go an extra four weeks next time. Awesome product!
Legit Stuff
This was my first Tren cycle so I was a little nervous but everything went well. I took it at 200mg weekly and had little to no sides. The PIP is a little intense but nothing you can't handle. I started seeing strength increases almost daily by the time week 3 rolled around.
Really good tren.

I slowly worked my way up to 350MG per week. Side effects are noticeable but not bad. I do get night sweats, which are annoying, but tolerable. No actual insomnia, no "tren cough", no nervousness or anything else. The injections are pretty painless.

Excellent for building mass and burning fat at the same time. I stack it with test prop, and Winnie tabs.

I'm pretty satisfied with the price, and the delivery to my part of the world was about 2 weeks.

I will never shop anywhere else, now that I've found PharmaComStore. I've placed 6 separated orders, and never had a single issue.
Ordered when brand names went from pharmacom to do was concerned quality would lessen but to my surprise same high quality bigger stronger and leaner
Verified Purchase
Amateur user - completed 8 week cycle ending with Parabolan since its effects are longer lasting. Great gains, very noticeable abdominal fat loss, and a much leaner look overall. Only mildly elevated liver enzymes that still fell within normal range.
Rating: GOOD
Verified Purchase
Took almost one m to arrive, mine came out of xxxx. (Avoid s-f shipping)That was the only downside, other than that delivery went without a hitch and product works as advertised
Rating: GOOD
Verified Purchase
Worked great!
Rating: GOOD
Verified Purchase
Use of a poor shipping partner caused a 4 week transit time. Just so you know, their claims of 1-2 weeks are best case scenario.

Beyond that, I'm not a hardcore lifter--just trying to get into shape. Injection site is sore for a day or two, but that's normal. This stuff gives me endurance like nothing else does. No sides at all, other than irritability.
Verified Purchase
My first time trying dp Tren and after reading mixed reviews on this, I ended up trying it. Works really well for me. No sides at low doses, but the pip is sometimes quite bad. Overall a great compound that I will use in the future again for sure
Ran this with 40MGs of DP Anavar and 1G of DP Suss 250. Fucked my shoulder a tad bit last week going to heavy with no spotter. No biggie it happens but how the hell am I able to rack machines 4 days after recovery. I know it’s not the Test I’ve been running doctor prescribed Test C 100 for a year now. Spent 2 hours going hard at my chest today. I’m home now and don’t feel shit. This is solid gear.

Will see if I get the infamous contaminated gear inflammation and drop a review if it grounds me. I prep clean my vials with alcohol and draw/drop with different needles cleaning up like a doctor would. If minimal inflammation kicks up or I get a tad bit of soreness which is normal with Tren I’ll be ordering again!
From Portugal to the World
Rating: NORMAL
Verified Purchase
Normal tren, kick fast, 2 week and notice strength gains,normal roid rage, no sweats for now, too painfull after the injection, i got a painfull inflamation on my left Quad =(
Rating: NORMAL
Verified Purchase
just received my tren ace today. cant wait to get some trenergy
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